A number of creatures, generated from the 'Botein' version/seed. This is GM specific-information, since it includes the Monster's full powers and stat bloc. The players would only see a thematic subset of this information. The monsters are sorted by power ranking, from weakest to strongest. Monster Index

NamePower Level
Northern Hundessicate-10
Southern Toadbauble-9
Entropic Spookworm-6
Odious Chelgrian Penguin-6
Uqbarian Bush Crocodile5
Thulian Carcelk8
Lemurian Lamblant8
Snap Draufgangerfrost9
Wretched Idiran Jellshell9
Minor Thulian Carcbull10
Damnable Chelgrian Necroman11
Valusian Ice Swine13
Accursed Akkadian Pangloom14
Uqbarian Vine Scorpion14
Azadian Scorpion18
Zhaibarian Elk19
Callow Murderous Goribauble20
Eastern Babelly21
Lesser Bleeding Bullstal21
Miserable Acherite Jamcube21
Hyberborean Swineberg22
Vanheim Larvasoul23
Detestable Northern Carafboon24
Estovokian Kugel Snail24
Terrifying Carcgoat25
Vanheim Cryscrow25
Idiran Etherphant26
Akkadian Cubelatin26
Northern Ghost Scorpion26
Murderous Marmashell28
Azadian Wormoss30
Azadian Gloomtle31
Nariscene Gloomowl31
Maddening Phialwolf31
Valusian Necrotle31
Acherite Leonsoul32
Idiran Manorpse32
Vanheim Witherscorp32
Azadian Pengossifer32
Murderous Gloomshell33
Southern Frostwolf33
Western Spidergaunt33
Chelgrian Ghost Beetle33
Zhaibarian Bog Swan35
Hyberborean Phlogelf35
Zhaibarian Swamp Deodand35
Acherite Ectocrab36
Southern Corruptiger36
Entropic Gobgaunt36
Southern Larvagloom36
Lemurian Ursebauble36
Valusian Witherworm37
Entropic Ursenight37
Karpashian Greed Crocodile37
Thulian Scorpion38
Uqbarian Gem Panther38
Maddening Corrupwolf38
Uqbarian Swanorpse38
Karpashian Mothcay38
Thulian Babulp39
Akkadian Wormbauble39
Acherite Snoblob39
Abysian Snoose40
Uqbarian Jamshell40
Eastern Octoacier40
Western Scorpessicate41
Zemblan Wolfottle41
Abysian Cangrejo41
Murderous Witherblob42
Abysian Panther42
Poisonous Cubeulp42
Akkadian Larvasoul43
Estovokian Carcrat43
Zemblan Iguanacay44
Abysian Rot Scorpion45
Western Goatsoul45
Estovokian Babauble45
Idiran Octoelatin45
Vanheim Etherbull46
Abysian Ectopillar46
Nauseating Swineseed46
Murderous Crabrime47
Lemurian Ooze Crawfish47
Chelgrian Rime Ziraph48
Zhaibarian Elfsore48
Karpashian Creeptiger49
Eastern Vine Turtle49
Estovokian Seedowl49
Murderous Baubleworm50
Idiran Krahen51
Estovokian Barrow Okse51
Poisonous Goriphial52
Elder Warping Elkphial52
Chelgrian Pestilin54
Southern Rot Caballo55
Western Baublemoth56
Lemurian Barrow Scorpion56
Idiran Baubleorse56
Imperial Vanheim Turfire56
Karpashian Beetle59
Northern Barrow Lion59
Snap Elfoss60
Estovokian Carcspider63
Abysian Gelatinous Snail63
Hyberborean Flame Camelopard64
Akkadian Octottle64
Imperial Valusian Necrocrow65
Southern Ooze Octopod66
Elder Snap Cryshound67
Zhaibarian Crowgaunt67
Nariscene Cubeulp67
Terrible Murderous Pythbauble67
Acherite Iguanabush67
Ancient Entropic Gloomcube68
Lemurian Hippsoul69
Lemurian Pestilion69
Western Elkbauble69
Royal Zemblan Spookowl70
Entropic Bushswan71
Hyberborean Witherlarva75
Eastern Crocogaunt75
Nariscene Edderkopp76
Nariscene Bush Crow76
Nauseating Corruptoad77
Akkadian Baubleshell77
Western Searman78
Chelgrian Crabherb81
Poisonous Pestibeetle81
Karpashian Hippstal84
Uqbarian Beetle85
Hateful Acherite Turumbra86
Northern Babelatin89
Magnificent Zhaibarian Cryspython90
Greater Azadian Tigorpse90
Ancient Snap Witherbeetle94
Karpashian Skilpadde95
Valusian Shellelly96
Vanheim Frostscorp96
Azadian Ratsore98
Hyberborean Crawfish99
Vampiric Gloomaffe100
Hateful Snap Babelatin101
Zemblan Marmablob102
Magnificent Eastern Witherswan103
Terrible Warping Elkcaust104
Thulian Gloomlarva109
Valusian Bullbauble112
Murderous Snorse120
Nariscene Necrowl124
Royal Zemblan Girossifer138