The Adventures are still a work in progress. I have not decided whether to keep my current system, or to make it more granular and simulationist in order to have more flexibility in generation. Also, I need to add in many-many more plots, rather than just the vertical slice that I have right now. Currently I just have a few generalist plots plus some many traitor-type plots, which makes it seem like every NPC is a back-biting rebel cultist. That will change as more plot nodes are added with other themes. Adventure Index

NamePower Level
Treasure of the Rat7
The Pale Scorpion League10
The Mystery of the Barrow Seeing Eye23
The Bush Bull Connection26
The Deadly Tiger Vine29
The Fuego League37
Gelatinous Slime Patrol40
Penguin Ubungsflugzeug Hall42
The War Against the Cisne44
Murderous City45
The Horror of Crawfish Rot46
Swine and Beyond47
The Flight from the Ghost57
The Rime Dilemma75
The Vomitous Night76
Orugo Caterpillar City76
A Study in Flame103
The Mystery of the Scorching Fire122
Shadow of the Baboon Barrow123
The Horror of Pale145