obvious inspiration was as metaphor for contaminants in US house building materials


Hectic, the Shadow:

AC 19, HP 70

Twunch, the Mis-shapen:

AC 20, HP 140 Large, heavily armored, face is like wet clay

Omega Twitch:

AC 19, HP 120 Like Twitch, but better. stands a bit taller, a bit straighter. muscles a little more defined, eyes a bit more bright. It's like there was a copying machine and Twitch was a somewhat blurry copy


AC 17: HP 80 Defense: Shield, interrupt, +5AC Attack: TwitchBolt, +10, x2, 4d6 Attack: FireBall: DC19 reflex, 6d6 Ability: Power Word: Stun: 17DC con save. stunned one round, or at disadvantage for one round. 2d6

Black Cat Swarms (2):

AC 15, HP 60 Ability: Get underfoot, difficult movement, interfere with actions Ability: Black fur: dusts targets, prevents invisibility Attack: claws: +8, 1d6

Giant Black cat:

AC 17, HP 120 Defense: Invisibility at will Defense: mobility, does not trigger attacks of opportunity Attack: Claw bat: +14 to hit, 5d6




Clean up:

Grand Ceremony:

Forest Clearing: