Last winter: curling up in his warm spot with his furs

also winter: this time on his favorite heating pad, my lap. I try to keep a towel next to each of my sitting locations, so that he can come up in my lap & knead without scratching me up


A rare warm day during one of the False Springs, when he got to go outside and enjoy the sun for a while

Cold again, back to the chair

Fresh delivery of food, always an exciting time

Another favorite winter time spot, this time next to the heating pad. He likes the heating pad a bit, but usually just being near it and not on it. I suppose the texture is wrong somehow.

upset with the promptness of the service at this establishment, wants to talk to the manager

I tried making Finnegan a winter hutch out of a cardboard box and heating pad and blankets to see if he would like it. He did like it, but I think he also misunderstood the assignment and ended up sleeping on top of and crushing the hutch

Back to the lap

Going outside to cat around at night, even though it is still quite cold

Exploring some of the new furniture that I was storing at my place for Gene

I can't remember what was going on here, except he must have been put out since he only goes on to the cat tree when he is annoyed/anxious

Looking down on the neighbors cat, who has been trying and failing to make friends with him for the last ~3 years

Spring series #1: I made a number of changes to the backyard Solarium, including (trying to) white-wash the concrete pad. This is a favorite hangout of Finn once it warms up enough. You can see it goes through a few different phases

Some more of his favorite hang-outs, this time in the front yard. Spring has arrived

Finnigan is no respecter of mosquito-nets

Favorite chair in the Solarium

The summer of splooting begins. Even for Austin it was a long, hot, dry summer. Finnigan spent a lot of it sprawled out next to steadily dessicating grass.

Looking svelte in his summer coat

Slightly less svelte when viewed from the side

Greeting me on returning home

More splooting

I just thought he looked cute here. I try to give him some verticality to work with in each location that he hangs out at

Not making good use of the verticality

Sometimes during the middle of the day Finnigan disappears, and I can't find him. Well, it took 3 years, but I finally found his last hiding place, in the storm drain. I'm assuming that the stone below ground is nice and cool, and so he hangs out there during the heat of the day.

Two other spots that he occasionally frequents during summer: the garage pool and any new delivery boxes

Finn helping me assemble my new computer:

This picture has a bit of a story behind it. The first real cold front of Winter came in, and the normally non-adventerous Finn decided to get himself stuck on my neighbor's neighbor's roof. The neighbor's-neighbor asked the neighbor about the cat that was meowing on his roof, and the neighbor recognized Finn and fetched me, and I got my 10-foot ladder and pulled Finnigan off the roof. I have no idea how he got up there or why. I would have taken a picture of him up there, but I had like 5 people at this point watching the proceedings and so I just carried him off and back home. Anyway! This is Finnigan warming up and recovering after his big adventure.

And now we're back to the Winter chair! He completely ignores the thing until it gets cold, at which point it becomes his new home.

I got him a Christmas bow tie, which he looks quite dapper in. Though the picture does not really capture the full effect. In person it makes him seem very civilized and cultured somehow.

In preparation for the 2nd cold front of the year I got a rotisserie chicken from the store. Finnigan was outside, so I thought it was safe to leave the chicken alone for 30 seconds. I was wrong! I was alerted to my mistake by the sound of a chicken being flipped off a ledge.

Finnigan helping me to clean up the mess

I just thought he looked nice in the winter light

Ok that concludes approximately one year of pictures. The winter has been very warm so far, and so for the most part he has been a happy camper that can go out during the day and snuggle in at night.