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Chant! Use your microphone to summon creatures from beyond! Learn new Runes, new Creatures, new Tactics. Graduate!

Chant Savant is a Lovecraft themed game where you chant into your microphone to summon monsters to fight for you. For example:

  • "Enir Ogrdu Zur" would summon a monster with tons of health and an attack that can petrify other monsters!
  • "Yog Cuthulhu Ia" would summon a monster with damage reflection, that will split into several sub-monsters on its death. The child monsters will also have damage reflection!

By speaking the different Runes into your microphone, you will shape your creatures and give them a dozens of powers and advantages. You will learn to combine the ~40 power Runes to overcome enemy summoners, counter their creatures, and become a true Chant Savant. Matches are fast and decisive, as each Rune is hard-countered by other Runes. A single mis-chant is usually enough to end a match.

The game has 3 modes of play. There is a Campaign mode, where you enter the Esoteric Academy and gradually earn Runes and upgrades on your path towards Graduation. There is a Skirmish mode where you have access to all 40 Runes and face increasingly difficult opponents. And finally, there is a Multiplayer mode (in development), where you can pit your Chanting skills against human opponents.


- This game is best when played with a microphone. You can play it without a mic, but you are losing 60% of the fun.

- The voice recognition program is Windows only, so for now the game is, well, Windows only.

- Anddddd... Designer Notes

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