Corniche: Post-Mortem Notes

General Notes
This project is a bit outside my usual purview, but I wanted to work on something small, self-contained, and in collaboration with someone else in order to sort of re-start the habit of programming and game dev. So on those terms, it was a mild success. As always things took about 3X as long as my estimate, but other than that standard failing I'm happy with the result. After this project I was much more motivated to work on further projects and have already started way too many more.

- Working with someone else on a game was just as motivating as I hoped it would be.

- It's strange going back to work with other people! I've been completely used to solving problems on 2 axes, where you can either A) write code to solve the problem-as-given, or B) modify the problem itself to make it more amenable to coding. This is certainly true with gaming, where the problem definition is hugely malleable, and a lot of times the answer to a genuinely difficult programming problem is to instead change the design so that you're solving a simpler problem. With this project though I didn't have that option, or at least taking that option would mean engaging in a social process, which is way worse than solving a technial problem. So that part was not good?

- Not great, but better! I thought the card transitions turned out well. The whole thing still doesn't quite come together, but it might be less terrible than usual.

Web Games
- This was my ~3rd web project with Unity, but definitely the most complicated one/the first project that was not just a simple one off. E.g. in DiceMap it was ok if the UI looked janky and the program was janky, since it was just a sort of demonstration of an idea and was a tool/idea generator more than anything else. With this project things needed to look half-way decent, and the user experience need to be at least ok, so the quality needed to be higher. And in that sense I have to say that the web is Not Good. It takes like 10 minutes to compile a web build; things randomly break between the desktop and the web, the performance is way worse, etc. etc. I think it is high time that we give up this web thing.

Historical Tidbits:
There were 30,000 card game entries on BoardGameGeek. Soon to be 30,001!

Anyway! To play the game, please visit and

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