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A fantasy map generator that is based off of imgur's manual map generation method:

This tool simulates the manual approach, and generates a neat fantasy map by pouring dice down on to the world. You can then customize the map by dropping pinches of dice until the map is just right.

User instructions:
- Click the "Roll Dice" button to drop a handful of dice across the entire map.
- Click the map to drop a stream of dice at the clicked position.
- Click the "# of Dice" button to adjust how many dice are dropped per click
- Click the "Dice Scatter" button to adjust how much oomph dice are given when tossed across the board.
- Click the "Map Size" button to get larger or smaller maps.

When a die lands, it will generate terrain around where it fell. The type of terrain depends on the type of die and the number rolled. If you like the result, take a screenshot, or just use it as inspiration for your adventure.