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The original motivation for this project was to create a more advanced Dis-Emvoweler, where you could degrade text in more subtle and perhaps more fitting ways than just removing the vowels. I thought it could be useful for forum moderators or possibly people with terrible senses of humor like myself. Over time though, I've expanded Err-Text with more styles which, hopefully, are interesting, or humorous, or useful. Let me know if you have any additional style ideas!

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Source Code Details

- There is the TextEngine project, which actually does all the work of parsing and modifying the text. The main workers here are the Transforms, which take in a line or so of text and make the needed modifications. There's one transform per style. The TextEngine project is probably going to be the most useful to you, since it is easy to take the project out and then call it from your own tools or libraries.
- Then there is the ErrUnityFrontEnd project, which is pretty self explanatory. It provides a Unity front end so that you can play around with the TextEngine on the web. There's also a Unity scene that that uses this project, but I didn't bother including it since it's just an empty Unity scene that contains the one script from the ErrUnityFrontEnd project.
- There is a simple WinForms front-end called ErrText; it is useful for quickly testing and debugging the TextEngine. The WinForm will run all of the transforms that you have enabled in its code, so for testing I will usually just go into the add/comment out the Transforms I want to test.
-Oh, and there are few utility projects to provide the dictionary and other minor helper methods needed.