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Chant Savant

A game about chanting into your mic to summon Lovecraftian monsters to fight for you. Example: "Enir Ogdru Ia!" would summon a monster with tons of health and an attack that can petrify other monsters

Thoughts And Prayers

A simple Clicker-game about using Thoughts and Prayers in order to combat gun violence.


The Ancient Phoenician Card Game of Cycles and Change: Rediscovered at Last!

Taytiary Swyphilis

A text-to-gif generator that I believe will be the future of human communication.

Shallow Dream

An image generation program that creates a new version of a complex image by using simple basis elements. Can then apply effects (e.g. Rotation, Jiggling) to the elements.

Slime Princess

A one-off RPG adventure/system. The players take the role of Gelatinous Cubes and use marshmallows as their figurines, and then decorate and mutate their guys during play by adding additional skittles, toothpicks, and mellows.

Rise and Fall

An early attempt to make a Space-4X video game you could play in 10 minutes. Uses XNA, lockstep calculations, and terrible graphics.


A collection of text-generation results. Includes Pokemon puns, NPC names, Trump slogans, etc.

Wight Baby Maker

Changes baby pics to make them look like the White Walkers from Game of Thrones. An early prototype using the Unity WebPlayer.


Takes an input text, and changes it to use a number of different styles including Orc, Idiot, and Snake. An early prototype using the Unity WebPlayer.


A prototype system that uses the Leap Sensor to let you control your mouse using a unicorn horn. It is still a few years ahead of its time.


A web-based system for quantifying and reporting your privilege. A project I used to learn some basic JavaScript.