Magic Items

Tier 1:

Didgeridoo of fog - once per day, can release billowing clouds of fog which will gradually cover a 500x500 ft area. (takes ~5 minutes for full effect)  The fog lasts for several hours (depending on conditions) and can be quite dense in indoor areas.

Triangle of despair - A triangle mounted in the nose socket of a human skull.  Its chimes have a mournful quality that makes people quite morose.  Once per day, target must make wisdom save or be at disadvantage from despair.

Drums of sleepiness - this pastel yellow drum will gradually put targets to sleep.  Note that this is an out of combat effect; the target must be listening for several minutes and fail a wisdom save.

Moonlight gloves - only visible in moonlight. Extremely thin and supple, have an enchantment on them that aids the hands making them stronger and more dextrous.  +2 to any handy skill checks that take place out under the moonlight.

Snail shoes - two large snail shells that can be strapped on as shoes.  When activated, they can be used to slowly climb any vertical surface.  Not fast, but extremely reliable way to climb.

Rat Mace - This mace has biting rat heads instead of spikes.  Once per day, on hit, can release the rats to swarm over the target.

Liver Mace - This mace is topped with a squelching, dark red organ that releases acid when it is whomped against someone.  Does acid damage type in addition to physical damage.

Glee Club - Once per day, this brightly colored club releases a stirring series of musical notes when smashed against an enemy skull. Gives the wielder and one ally advantage until the end of their next tun. 

TromBayonet + 1: A trombone with a +1 Knife attached to the slider.  Hyaa!

Bone Trom Bone:  A trombone imbued with a necromancer's bones. Once per day, when played, can cause a dead creature with bones to get up and walk again.  This effect lasts for ~5 minutes, and the creature can move around jerkily if not particularly dangerously.  The creature will go where the player commands, so long as the music continues and the five minutes are not up.

Trine Bone: A magical trident made from the amalgamated bones of plague victims. Once per day, inflicts 3 diseases upon the target that it stabs (DC 10 Con check to avoid each)

Spit Valve of Saint Suza: The spit valve of the blessed Paladin-Bard Suza (or one of his followers).  The spit valve refills itself at dawn. Once full, this spit valve can be emptied out on a target (normal attack roll, range 10 feet).  If the target is undead or demonic, it will take 3D6 Radiant damage as the blessed spit burns through its flesh.  This experience is also repugnant and demoralizing to the evil target, and may cause them to surrender or flee.

Anti-torch: A normal looking torch.  Once per day, it can be held upside down and ignited.  Once lit, the torch's spectral fire will cancel out all natural light  (and weaker magical lights) within a 30 foot radius, leaving complete darkness.  Effect lasts for 5 minutes or until the torch is extinguished.

Fire eating ring: A silver ring set with a small but flawless ruby.  Once per day, the ring will pull into itself and devour all non-magical fires (and weaker magical fires) within a 30 foot radius.  This includes things like lit candles and lanterns, campfires, fire that is burning on clothes or hair, faerie fires, etc.  While the ring can reliably handle even a bonfire, it does have the potential to overload if asked to deal with a true blazing inferno.

Wizard's Cape: A large, dusty, and purple wizard's cape stitched with occult patterns.  Provides a +3 bonus to Concentration rolls.

Humblebee: A bee like creature kept magically imprisoned in a tiny glass cube.  Once released from its prison and whispered a name, it will seek out and sting the named person in the most annoying and prominent place possible.  Typical targets are the nose or right above the eye. The sting will produce a large, painful, and long lasting boil.  While it is possible to avoid the attack of the Humblebee, it is extremely difficult due to the creature's small size, speed, and innate cunning.  Once it has completed its task the Humblebee will return to the Elemental Plane of Air.

Spear of the Kraken: A +1 spear engraved with oceanic motifs of waves, fish, and tentacles.  The tip is forged to look like a squid's beak.  3 Times per day, as an action, can squirt a plentiful stream of squid ink. The ink has a range of 20 feet, and will cover a 10x10 area in slippery, staining, stinking, ink.

Grappling hand: a severed, skeletal hand attached to a rope and given partial life and slight intelligence through necromancy.  Can told to climb or simply thrown.  Can also be told to "grip" in order to grab tightly onto the nearest object, or "release" in order to let go.  Useful for climbing difficult surfaces.  While much stronger than a normal human hand, it can only reliably suport ~300 lbs before risking shattering the construct.  The attached rope is 50 feet long.

Proscribed book: somewhere there is a list of dangerous and/or illegal books, and this tome is on it.  The book might be ancient and fell, and it's survival a matter of historical luck.  Or it might be more modern, but contain heretical or politically unpalatable ideas. In either case it contains facts and ideas about the world that are not common knowledge.  You can pick the general subject matter of the book (world history, Reme history, dragons, magic, gods, nations of the world, other races, high elves, gnomes, etc. etc. etc. ) 

Tier 2:

Fang of the north - This Javelin is tipped with an enchanted canine tooth taken from a Frost Giant, and it gives off a continuous wintry air.  Has 2 abilities. Once per day, does 2D6 extra cold damage to a target.  Once per day, as a standard action, can be driven into water and will instantly flash-freeze that water.  Effects up to a 25 ft by 25 ft by 2.5 ft body of water (5x5 squares on the combat grid).  If there's more water than that, will create a mini-iceberg.

Croc-o-claw - A newly made javelin tipped with the tooth of a magical, albino crocodile.  Once per day, when thrown the javelin imbues its wielder with the raw, savage strength of the crocodile.  This causes an extra 2D8 damage on hit and will knock back human-sized targets up to 20 feet.  Also, grants its owner the ability to hold their breath underwater for 30 minutes at a time with out coming up for air.

Javelin of Death - A javelin that is stained with old and dried blood. Does 1D8 extra damage when thrown.  If the Javelin misses, and there is an ally along the path of the Javelin, the Javelin of Death will hit that ally instead.

Javelin of Simple Decisions - This javelin has an odd air of unreality to it, and its edges are slightly blurred and subtly shifting.  Once per day, the Javelin separates in mid flight into 3 separate javelins each of which can hit a different target.  Allows attacking 3 separate targets (though not the same target 3 times).  Make a separate attack and damage roll against each target.

Javelin of Truth - This javelin is tipped with an enchanted, clear glass blade.  Once per day, can activate the blade for 5 minute, allowing its wielder to stare through the blade and see the truth of things. Sees through illusions and magical barriers, and aids in seeing the truth behind through disguises, fogs, and prevaricators.  The blade of this javelin always has a powerful destructive effect on illusionary creatures, mental bindings, and other powers of mental magic.

Any +1 Weapon, as you prefer (+1 Great Axe, +1 Mace, etc. etc. whatever fits your character)

A +1 shield or a +1 piece of Light or Medium Armor.

A magically preserved head in a rough cloth bag.  In life the head was an academic expert on a subject of your choosing, and in death it can be consulted for knowledge and advice about its particular subject matter (e.g. history, languages, architecture, elves, dwarves, economics, ships, brewing, farming, geology, religion, etc. etc.).  If you're making a skill check and the head's knowledge is relevant you can add +3 to that check. 

Belt Omphalos - This simple cloth belt with a small, spiraling golden sigil gives you additional healing when resting.  During a short rest, can meditate and draw on the power of the belt to heal yourself by an additional 10 HD.  You don't have to use this healing all at once, and it can be split and saved like your normal healing during a short rest.

A smooth and perfect golden egg, about the size of your fist.  Worth 600 GP.  A perfect gift for any occasion.