Rise and Fall of the Galactic Empire

Rise and Fall is a 4X space strategy experience meant for gamers of refined tastes. It removes micromanagement, and instead focuses on the grand sweep of future history. A game is 15 minutes long, and is best enjoyed with a mouse in one hand and a glass of fine wine in the other. The player makes only the key decisions needed to guide their empire. This means setting the balance between colonization, technology, and military might, and deciding where to expand, who to fight, and which advanced technologies to research. At the end, there is (usually) a great war which tests the empires against each other and sets the stage for the next great galactic cycle. The player can then start their next game in a galaxy that has been shaped by their actions in the previous game.

Design Notes

Currently I'm polishing and playtesting the game. I'm flipping back and forth between open sourcing the results, or trying to make a go of selling on something like Desura.