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Uh, so it has been a while since I've updated anything about Chant Savant. On the plus side, I have been steadily and slowly plugging away. There should be more about that soon I hope!

For this entry though I just wanted to compliment the Unity Editor. I've become more familiar with Editor, some might even say intimate, and one of the things it does really well is how easily you can extend the Editor and add new functionality to it. I've added a few simple tools to the Editor to help out with common UI tasks, and it has really been eye opening. Now I'm looking at Visual Studio and all of these other programs I use and thinking "I could just add this little bit of scripting, oh, but wait, it doesn't have an easy way to let me do it." Moving past that disappointment though, I'm at least starting to think more about how to extend the various non-Unity editors that I am using.