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I haven't made much progress in the last 2 months, mostly due to the new house. Some of that has been due to the time spent on cleaning and repairs, and much more of it has been due to fumes(mold?) that cause me all sorts of problems. At low levels it causes headaches, tiredness, and impaired thinking, and at high levels it causes shortness of breath, dizziness, problems with fine motor control, and then all the low-level symptoms ramped up to 11. I've made some repairs that seem to have helped, and I've done some cleaning which seems to have helped, and I've supplemented the above with air-purifiers and filtration masks. Even with those changes though I'm not sure the inside of the house is tenable as a long term prospect. So, there is only one option left to me.

I must become a techno-druid. I'm buying my first greenhouse at Home Depot today.

Even in exile, I will not give up the dream of my home land. I will continue with other repairs to see if I can reduce/further pin down the source of the fumes, so that one day I might return. Or I might rent the house out to someone who is less sensitive to VoC's than I am, and then peer in at them from my backyard-hut. Still not sure.