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1.0 Stars

(Book #1 of my "Spring" into the Apocalypse reading list.)
Really dumb, really bad. I had heard some noise that this was a fun book, sort of an updated Red Storm Rising, but: A) a few decades of left-wing reading have completely ruined these stories for me, e.g. there's a part early on in the book about a fighter pilot and his ultimate peak joy of flying a combat aircraft and my continual response is a sort of "oh great, I'm so glad we could spend $500 million of our tax dollars getting you off rather than having health care", and then B) it's not even that competent? Like, having some mustache twirling Communist villains and some stout hearted American vets and and techno-combat shit should not be that hard to write, but this author team fails to do so in anything but the most basic fashion. When I have the reaction that "I could probably write something this good..." you know you've fucked up.

Stopped after a couple of chapters, would not recommend.