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1.0 Stars

A comprehensively deranged artistic creation. On the one hand I don't want to criticize the book, since I think that gives the book more validation than it is worth? On the other hand, I also *really* want to criticize the book.

The first thing you notice with this book is the audio-book reader, who is the author, and who has a slight and reedy voice that is always *just* on the verge of cracking. It is uncanny how bad of a speaking voice he has, and it is weird that there was no one in his life who could have told him not to do this thing. The next thing you notice is that the author has inexplicably named his main character "Sailor", so that any number of sentences start with phrases like "Hey, Sailor..." Which makes it sound like it is going to be the lead in to a raunchy proposition? But it never is, because the author is not a fun or humorous person. For the plot of the story, I'm not going to delve too deep into it, but the basic idea is "what if neoliberalism was not bad?" It takes place in a fantasy world, with dragons and renaissance level tech and a protagonist who is an investment banker and supposed to be a good guy. But even in this self created fantasy world the author still can't make his premise hold up. The protagonist flat out murders 50 innocent people by sabotaging their ship, and his dragon friend incinerates another several thousand dock workers. This is why blood-red is the color of Communism, to help you remember that Capitalists have murdered and will murder any number of workers in order to maintain their class privilege.

(Book #3 in my Autumn of Auscapism series)