Mariposa, by Greg Bear Rothdas book review RSS
1.0 Stars

A real piece of anti-art. The general vibe is of slightly conservative, aging-and-declining-autist. There is no interesting characterization, and everything from the tech to the plot is only briefly sketched out, and not an actual story told by one human being to entertain and enlighten another human being. This is all combined with the dregs of the war on terror and early 2000's right-wing fear-phantoms. Not a kind book, an interesting book, or an intelligent book, or even a book with consistent themes or ideas. The one line from it that I would keep is an exclamation from the President, "I refuse to be the first President to nuke Texas!". Which raises all sorts of questions, and kind of implies she would be fine with it if another President had done it first. DNF.