Sandman Slim: Kill the Dead Rothdas book review RSS
4.0 Stars

The second book in this series of proto-Dresden Files urban fantasies. On the one hand, not that great. Several of the plot points don't make sense, I don't remember many of the characters from the first book, and it falls into the Supernatural mistake of introducing God and Lucifer in like Season 4 when there's still 12 more seasons to go. Authors, leave yourself some room for escalation! Otherwise what is already a kind of silly premise becomes progressively more silly as you have to involve steadily higher and higher theological constructs. Or another idea, don't even escalate, just let yourself tell reasonably sized stories in a given setting.

And yet, I did like aspects of the book. The main character was moderately less annoying and edgy than in the first book, and I actually started to like bits of his shtick by the midway point of the book. The story moves quickly, and it was a pleasant and easy distraction while I was recovering from illness. I also liked the point about halfway through the book when he gets *redacted* and his viewpoint on things radically changes for the rest of the book.