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3.0 Stars

BRB, starting my Instagram influencer empire teaching young men how to be more alpha like Heathcliff and to avoid the 10 worst mistakes that beta-Linton makes when dealing with women.

OK, now that's done, my more formal review is that this is another silly goose of a book. There's a summary of Romeo and Juliet that says that the play is not a romance, it is the story of a 3 day affair between 2 tweens that gets ~5 people killed. Wuthering Heights is in a similar bucket, it is the story of the two most emo and self-centered twenty year olds ever created, and how they manage to turn a single melodramatic mis-communication & a few hours of follow up dialog into twenty years of misery for everyone involved. I'm a bit of an emo bitch myself, so I'm sympathetic to their cause, but at the same time there has to be limits to the silliness and this book blows right past them.

Oh right and shout out to my bro Lindon-Junior, the most languid of languid fellows. We lazy people need to support and lift each other up, even if only metaphorically.

Finally, props to the book for pointing out the downside of putting your house at the top of a hill. Yes, you get good views. Yes, you avoid the danger of flooding. But it does mean that you are going to be exposed to the worst winds, which in the long term is a recipe for roof and structural problems for your house. My Mom made this mistake when situating her previous house, with the result that she dealt with years of leaks as the high winds jostled the joinings that kept the metal roof attached to the house. Learn from history! Build your house at a spot with some elevation, but not quite at the tippy-top of a hill.