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Added a small project, the Wight BabyMaker. This was inspired by this Game of Thrones (spoiler!) event. The Wight BabyMaker lets you take baby pictures, and quickly modify them so that they look wight-like. Theoretically you could even use it on non-baby pictures.

One of the motivations behind the project was to try out Unity and get a little experience in using it. Which I did. It wasn't a great experience. The basic tools seem kind of janky (multiple crashes and hard lockups, instances where making changes and recompiling was not actually changing the code being run). Also, the community is a sort of Libertarian paradise, where people want to charge for every little widget that they've written. If you do a google search for some common Unity task, the top 4-5 results will seem promising, but then lead back to the Unity Asset store. Of course there is no way to try out the widget without paying, so you then get to decide whether the 1-star reviews or the 5-star reviews are fake. There is some free code available in their version of StackOverflow, but A) their servers only work about 80% of the time and B) the results are of poor quality. I.e. not a lot of time put into the questions/answers, a lot of ESL, and the given code generally has issues and needs work and bugfixes before it is ready to go.

It is terrible the state of today's youth.