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Hmm, played around a bit more with publishing the WightBabyMaker. The basic situation is that things are terrible. The main problem is that the app needs to load images from disk, and there isn't a good way to do that across multiple platforms. I tried out some windows 8.0 virtualization in order to try to build for that platform and publish to the Windows Store, but in 8.0 they went all the way and removed generic file access, so none of the previous file manager code works. I would need to replace the entire file manager, and have a different version of it for each platform. In retrospect, maybe this was not the best test project, since it has this huge cross-platform file access problem that is dwarfing any of the other work associated with the project. I also looked a bit into publishing for other platforms. Mac seems to be out, as I can't even use a virtual machine for that. Though this looks neat, if it works: IosBuildDev

I'm starting to understand why people like web dev so much. I might just make a branch where you can enter the baby image URL, and then save the resulting image. And then rather than testing the Win/Android/Mac store workflow, I could test out an advertising work flow. Maybe. Or just make it available through various versions on Google Drive.