Laughter in the Dark by Vladimir Nabokov Rothdas book review RSS
5.0 Stars

This book has the interesting property of becoming twice as awesome each time you finish another 50% of the story. The first 140 pages? Meh. There is mostly just this nervous tension as Albinus wrecks his life and marriage, a bit like when someone starts to walk into the basement in a horror movie. The next 70 pages are much better, as Rex joins the group and completes the triad. This section is close to the platonic form of a Nabokov book, and after the uninspiring first half it was so refreshing to come across this and be reminded what Nabokov can do and why I liked him so very much. Then what does he do for the next 40 pages? He turns it up to 11, and then is like "oh wait you thought that was awesome? Here try these next 20 pages." Not to say too much about the end, but I love how Nabokov captures the almost adoring attention needed by Rex to mirror and interact with Albinus.

Oh, and here is the sound track for Albinus and Margot's courtship: