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3.0 Stars

A collection of enjoyable meta-fictional short stories. Generally the stories involve characters who are playing a role in someone else's story, or who have some sort of dual role where they are both themselves and participating in a fiction. E.g. a story told from the PoV of the hero in a fantasy MMO, or of the author's own tulpa/imaginary self as he lives through the author's thoughts, or people who find a doorway they can travel through into a novel, or of someone in a Total Recall like novel experience, etc. etc.

I wouldn't call any of the stories great, but at the very least they are readable and not painful, which is more than you can say for most high concept stories. There's some moderate cleverness and occasional emotion. The author's tone doesn't quite click with me, he is very earnest in a _The Shins_ sort of way. I can't help but feel that he would be happier if we were still doing arranged marriages.