Witcher - The Last Wish Rothdas book review RSS
3.5 Stars

An enjoyable set of fantasy short stories. These were written by Poland's most famous fantasy author, and provided the setting for the Witcher series of video games. The stories aren't bad at all; as my friend said they are like very high-quality Warhammer short stories. Some parts were really are clever and well done, and there's generally at least one or two layers to unravel before the resolution. A lot of the dialog was also surprisingly snappy and self-referential. I would give the book more stars except that it has a number of weird tonal shifts, from serious to very not serious. In that regard it reminded me a bit of the sillier James Bond movies. Anyway, I was never quite 100% in sync with the stories, either because of the translation or the culture difference or just the author. I did like them though, and they were certainly a good advertisement for the video games.