Adventure 3: Monsters:

Monster 1: Idiran Rimegoat

small goat that infects people with icy slugs and makes them into zombies - emaciated belly, starving thin, white fur covered in frost crystals - not very strong, fairly fast, moderate health - leave frozen footsteps in ground, kills plants - cold aura. does 2 damage at 2 ft, 5 dmg when adjacent. save or take 10 ice damage - cone of cold, 40 feet, 5d6 dmg. usable every 3 turns. save, on critical failure are frozen solid & cannot act until warmed up - grub-shot - an organic blowgun, tries to shootan ice grub into someone - makes nest in slain victims Weakness: (warm) food, is a glutton. Heat Combat: use its ice zombies as distractions while it charges up its cone of cold. Use cone of cold on a PC, and then once they are frozen insert an ice grub into their ear to try and make them into a zombie. Motivation: - find loner, take them over, then use them to take entire hovel-family over - nest inside a slain larger animal - march its victims into town & ruin a festival SubMonster: Ice-zombies - people that have been puppeted by a small, icy grub that burrows into their brain 25 hp, low attack (1d6) SubSubMonster: Ice-grub - tries to crawl inside people or corpses to turn them into ice zombies. Tries to crawl out of destroyed ice zombies in order to find a new house 1HP

Monster 2: Shadow-humped Cattle Sucker

- large goat that raids other goats in order to feed its back-hump-blob. a night stalker, hides during the day - large black goat, body covered in red eyes that open up as the battle goes on. Has a massive black jelly hump on its back - will show up each night to hunt goats and feed its shadow-hump - strong, fairly fast, very healthly - made out of black slime and hair - very difficult to see in the dark - leaves droppings of black ichor behind when excited - long, penetrating probiscous, injects melting juices into target so that it can be turned into a juice back adn then slurped up later - at critical moment, hump will separate and try to engulf targets (sort of like a horse & rider situation) - hump will also spew digested fluids from past victims at the new target - when killed, the hump will spray acidic juices everywhere. These juices will also try to heal/revive the main monster if it has been damaged. - leaves victims as just empty skin bags, drained of all their juices Weakness:/ strong drink, mirrors Combat: Motivation: - raid cattle at night, slurp out their guts & feast - eat the unwary and unwise, grow larger - after feasting & growing fat, in an enclosed area hibernate, so that it's hump can then burst and send thousands of slithey jellies out in all directions

Monster 3: Blizzness Goat

- gigantic goat of ice crystals and wind, floats over the landscape, with occasional funnels of icy wind going vaguely to the ground in place of legs - shows up on day 2 - immune to most damage. - quite fast when it gets moving. Majestic, but has very long strides - solidifies and shapes itself when trying to grasp something. that part can be damaged. have a 1 turn warning before a solidified part can start to act (more like a denser concentration of ice crystals and wind) - when grasped, the heat and life is sucked out of the person, while their clothes and skin are stripped by a concentrated blizzard of ice particles. Eventually this leaves just a skull, which the creature takes back up into its blizzard body - will also try to steal concentrations of money or shinies in a similar way - can blow strong winds along the ground, making everyone act to avoid being tumbled and frozen - drops a hail ice spears, inaccurately & indiscriminately Weakness: Pepper, spices, loud noise & shock waves, fetish that has hidden away Motivation: - go to concentrations of money and metal and steal that - steal peoples skulls with its icy grasp - stride over the landscape majestically, ignoring lesser creatures that cannot hurt it - hide away with its horde in a secret place along with its fetish (a pouch of coins, random bits of pretty rock and hair). When hiding, solidifies into a giant ice crystal. can be bonfired?

Monster 4: Hircus Gigantis

a giant, clunky earth goat. low slung this is the final boss monster if the PCs have not hunted down and destroyed the Witch by then - slow, very strong, very healthy - large (hippo sized) of frozen stone. wrapped in spiked, metal chanis - can hear it at a distance from its clomping steps - immobilize gaze, as the spirit of stone and ice seeps into you and you become entombed in your own mind - withering breah, immobilize, entropy damage - stomp and crush Weakness: - senses via tremor sense and so can be confused that way. its other senses are very poor - hates the sound of bells (really, thinks they belong to a even larger creature and so will retreat in fear) Motivation: - march inexorably upon a town - crush buildings - wither people and crops

Monster 5: Float Goat

- floating goat with enormous purple eyes - used for skirmishing and to break things up & add complications - slow, weak, decent HP - magnetic shield - always advantage on defense against metal weapons. good defense against everything - reality melter - ( The creature can focus its gaze and its will on an object in order to change it. A staff can be remade into a snake that wriggles away, or a gleaming sword into a flock of doves, or a set of black-spiked armor into a mass of beetles. Mechanically, this attack destroys one piece of equipment without any save.) - reality melter defense - change incoming projectile into something weird - reality melter entropy - start breaking down the reality of target, melting its bones away - phase (Phase out of this reality, for 1-3 turns. While phased out, is visible in outline, but is untouchable by normal means. Can move through walls and other barriers. Usable once per hour on itself. If it wishes, can apply this effect to enemies that it wounds.) Weakness: - gold, a soverign metal - complicated patterns, they get lost in them. Painted mazes, fine print, etc. Motivation: - to come in at an inconvenient time - make things weird - support allies who need another monster on their side - reduce things to sludge - eat eyeballs, eat other goats

Witch - Grimmony

- annoying dumb teenager with bowl haircut. ice aspected. perfectly black eyes, clothing is withered and torn - backstory: fucked a goat, also would not stop fucking goats, was particularly annoying when the village was hudled together for warmth during a blizzard and he still would not leave off. - in an outpouring of long built up annoyance and disgust, he was driven out of the village and into blizzard, where he then wandered into the forest - moderate health and strength, *very* fast & dextrous - carries a wooden sheperd's crook, quite adept with it, it is actually melded into the flesh of his arm. The curved part of the crook has hidden fangs in it, and on striking the fangs will dig in, the entire thing will seperate from his arm, and the other end of the will reveal itself to be a snakeshead which rears and strikes while the fangs of the other end dig in. Another sheperd's crook will re-emerge from his arm on the following turn - if he is killed, numerous of these snake-staffs will slither out from his chest cavity and attack - his shadow moves seperately from him, and in combat will separate from him to trip up and backstab people for him Weakness: sweet tooth, flashing or strobing light