Adventure 2: Magic Items:

Black Chyrstalid Arrows (6): Arrows tipped with the black crystals used by the Spider-Stag to spread its children. Does 2D6 extra damage at the start of the target's turn, as baby antler-spiders pour out from the wound. On a DC 12 Con save, the damage reduces to 1D6, then is negated on the 2nd successful save. The resulting spiders generally will emege covered in gore and then scurry for cover & hide before starting their new lives. If the target is healed while this effect is ongoing, the crystals absorb all of the healing, and explode for a final 4d6 damage, ending the effect. Stardust: Grants insight into the true nature of things, for 5 minutes. Gives True Sight, reveals mysteries of the universe that are pondered upon (1 minute per pondering). Starmor plate: 1-inch, Star-metal platelets that can be attached to armor to give it +1 enchantment bonus. Cannot be combined with other enchantments. Star Mirror: A medium sized mirror with an ornate frame, silver workings, and a small, glowing emerald gem set into the crown. "Achemar, shine your baleful light upon mine enemies!" Releases the light of the distant star of Achemar. Those touched by the blinding greenish light must make a Con save DC 13. On success, 2D6 damage as their skin bunrs. On failure, they take 2D6 and are incapacitated & vomiting. Will die in agony over the next 3 days unless they receive magical healing. Ball of proto-silk: Gooey, basketball sized glomp of whitish spider silk. With thought, can be reshaped into anything the owner's mind can imagine, so long as the silk is large enough to form the outline of the illusion. Is no more resilient than normal silk, and can be destroyed. Desirous Saphire: A Sapphire worth 250 GP. You kind of want it. One of Selath's treasures from when she was mortal Smooth silks: A roll of silk. It's color changes over time, and it feels slightly different each time you touch it. Blackmind Bow: A longbow +1, made of a bendy, black chitinous material. Like beetle shell. Once per day, Will save 15 or inflicts illusions upon the target struck by it.