Adventure 3: Monsters:

Tier 1

Blood bag

A sausage shaped sack of blood, wrapped in the misshapen skin of its former owner. Slorches along the ground. - 30 HP, AC 15 - leaves slight blood ooze behind it - attack: blood call - calls the blood out of the targets body and into the bag. 2d6, Con 13 save for half damage, range of 30 - attack: blood freeze - immobilize. Con 13 save to resist - will lose coherence and spill out its blood on death Motivation: - drain the blood from the vulnerable and grow larger - surround and drain the powerful

Fresh skeleton

A clean and acrobatic skeleton - 10 HP, AC 19 - - defense: resist piercing - defense: acrobatic dodge, +5 defense once per combat - attack: claw fingers - +4, 1D6 - smells oddly minty Motivation: - to dance and claw and dance - to clown on their enemies, to do handstands and backflips to attack from odd angles

Lesser ghost

The pale ghost of the newly dead - 1 HP, AC 17 - leaves cold wind behind it - defense: insubstantial, ignores non-magic damage, fades through material objects, immune to cold - ability: posses bodies that have been reduced to 1 or less HP - attack: premonintion of death: Will 13 save or frightened - attack: soul drain: 2d6 psychic, Will 13 save for half - will solidify into a tiny ghost gem on death Motivation: - to terrify, drain, and posses - to appear out of walls and ground when you feel safe

Tier 2

Blood wyrm (4 bloods combined)

very large, long blood sausage. The blood of 4 people, wrapped in their skins - 80 HP, AC 16 - ability: can open holes in itself or separate itself briefly if it is to its advantage - defense: when wounded, spawns tiny blood imp - attack: big blood gulp: drains the target's blood out of their orifices and through the air, 4d6, Con save 15, range 30 - attack: spew possesed blood: spews blood on target, that runs into their pores and fights them. gives disadvantage, Con save 15, range 30 - on death splashes out into a giant pool of blood Motivation: - to ravage and rampage

Blood Ghost (2 bloods, 2 ghosts)

large ghost, eerie blood circulating in its translucent body - 40 HP, AC 18 - defense: partially insubstantial, resists non-magic damage, fades through material objects, immune to cold - attack: bloody scream: Will 15 save or frightened, hits 5x5 area - attack: psycho-vortex: 1d6 blood drain + 1d6 psychic, Will 15 save for half, burst 5 on its hex Motivation: - to terrorize and drain masses of people

Ghost Skeleton (2 skeletons, 2 ghosts)

large, skeleton with ghosts wrapped around its hands - 60 HP, AC 19 - defense: resist piercing - defense: acrobatic dodge, +5 defense, move 20 feet - attack: ghost punch: +6, 2d6 physical, 2d6 psychic, will 13 vs fear - attack: ghost inject: +6, 2d6 physical, will 15 to resist possession Motivation: - charge, punch, possess

Tier 3

Grand Blood Beast (20 bloods combined & 1 ghost)

Giant coiled serpent of blood barely, bulging out of its human skins. A single ghost is spread across is face - 150 HP, AC 16 - ability: ghost sight: can see life aura and ignores invis, illusions, etc - attack: mass drain: drains 1d6 from everyone in a 10x10 burst - attack: spitting blood: fires a high pressure stream of rotted blood at target within 100: +8 to hit, knockback 5, 6d6, leaves blood pool - ability: reforge - brings all blood pools on battlefield to life as blood-spawns - on death splashes out into a titanic pool of blood Motivation: - to stay behind lines, draining & spittin, then to reforge blood-pools at a key moment

The Orb (20 ghost)

A dense, floating ball of spectral light. About the size of a soccer ball - 100 HP, AC 20 - ability: ghost sight: can see life aura and ignores invis, illusions, etc - ability: death drain: rainbow tendrils extend from the dying to the Orb. invigorates the Orb with new light - defense: resist almost all magical damage types - attack: death merge: simply floats into a body, dealing 6d10 damage. Dex save 15 for half. Usually explodes the body in a spray of rainbow light and force. mostly used on NPCs. invigorates the Orb - attack: Light Pulse 1: blinds everyone in a 10x10 area. Failed Perception save to avoid - attack: Light Pulse 2: decays everyone in a 10x10 area. 2d6+3 necrotic damage, Con save 15 for half. - attack: spectral beam: 4d6 necrotic damage, ongoing terrible pain (disadvantage). Dex 15 to avoid, Con save 15 to avoid pain Motivation: - to murder everyone, eerily and calmly

Bone shaker (10 skeletons, 10 ghosts)

A long centipede woven of small bone and ghost-matter. flows across the ground on innumerable tiny finger bones, rhymically shaking its body. covered in waving tendrils of ectoplasm - 120 HP, AC 18 - ability: ghost sight: can see life aura and ignores invis, illusions, etc - ability: bone dance: 10x10 area make a dc 15 save. on fail, at disadvantage and the GM moves you instead as your bones ignore your command - defense: resist piercing, resist cold - defense: ignore opportunity attacks smooth flow +5 defense against opportunity attacks - defense: spirit drain: creatures that start or move adjacenct to the creature take 5 damage as its ghost tendrils drain their life. heals creature - attack: rip and tear: +8, 5d6 Motivation: - to dance through the battlefield murdering people - sweep people up in its wake, forming a conga line of death

Witch - The Spindly Man

- 10 ft tall man with an absurdly bad posture, hunched up and bent over until he is only 7 feet tall. An old man, very thin, wears large over coat that covers his S-shaped form. Bowl cut black hair. Takes long, slow, delicate steps, strongly smells of mothballs and age and rotted blood - backstory: creepy old man became creepier by going into the Forest - creepy old weirdo, gives out candy, kills, refers to people as child - burrows at night into a blood soaked hole, comes out with fog at twilight - surrounded by dense fog. Difficult to see through for others (50ft), but acts as a sensory apparatus for him. The fog is basically part of his body/aura. Allows him to see invisible/see through illusions inthe area - underneath the overcoat, body is flowing lines of spirit, blood, and bone - attack: carries a triple cleaver in one hand, used to separate soul, bone, and blood. +8 to hit, does 6d6 damage, x3 (once as physical, once as psychic, once as necrotic) - On kill, generates a skeleton, a ghost, and a blood sausage - attack: His other hand is an enormous skeletal claw, can send it out as an ultra-elongated arm, to grap and pull people in. range of 500 feet, dex 15 save, retracts 100 feet per round - defense: bodily lines flare out to block incoming ranged in thematic manner? Weakness: small children, blood & bone in large quantities will want to eat them up Personal guard Monsters of the Spindly Man: zombie dwarf gleeful berserkers - wears white robes over its short and stout body. inside, dense, armored, and carrying 2 cleavers. horribly scarred little face - HP 40, AC 20 - cleaver - +4, 1d6+3 - bowl over - dex 14, prone