Wight Baby Maker

Babies are cute, but they don't do well in the freezing cold and ice North of the Wall. Until now that is! With Wight Baby Maker, you can take your baby photos and turn them into wight-baby photos. This app was inspired by this Game of Thrones event (spoiler!). The app lets you take baby photos and quickly wight-ize them. The app can also transform adults into wights, even though that is not canon.

Play/Download page:
Web player
Note that due to security limitations in Unity, the player can't actually read/write the original baby images that you give to it. You will need to take a screenshot of the final product in order to save it.

Windows zip file
To use, unzip the files then run the exe. Make sure that your baby pictures are in the same directory as the .exe file. Also, make sure that the .exe directory doesn't have millions of file in the same directory or its sub directories. Sigh. Just use the web version.

Demo images:
A Wight Baby:

A Hungry Wight Baby:

Wight Baby in winter gear:

Wight Baby thinking about life:

Wight Baby in attack mode:

Another hungry Baby:

Not a Baby:

The app's interface: