A list of adventure modules. A module will have 2-4 Monster adventures, plus a final adventure against a Witch. All the adventures should have, very roughly, the same level of difficulty. WitchHammer - Modules

Module 1 - PowerLevel 15
Wurm Worm!!!
The Rime Dilemma
The Gathering of Gem Goblin
Crawfish Flame City
Wicht Goblin Hall
The Deadly Deodand

Module 2 - PowerLevel 33
Hunters of Wicht
Apostate Coin Hunter
The Deodand Road

Module 3 - PowerLevel 39
The Deadly Blood
Cangrejo Quiet!!!
The Gathering of Terrifying Goat
The Mystery of the Cangrejo
Hunters of Rot

Module 4 - PowerLevel 91
The Great Murder Adventure
In Remembrance of Villain Creep
The Treason Rancher Road
The Flight from the Knife Blood
Shadow of the Blood Blood
Treasure of the Swamp

Module 5 - PowerLevel 113
Skelatinous Pale Hall
The Horror of Pale
The Cadaverous Bone Connection
Hunters of Bog Locust
Scourge of the Murder
The Curse of the Bush Deodand