Play with the Err-Text App!

Err-Text is like an Instagram filter, but for text. Err-Text allows you to take some writing and modify it to have a new style. For example, you could take an essay or comment, and transform it into Orcish style, or 4Chan style, or George Bush style. Alternatively, you could mix-and-match styles to create a style that is 70% George Bush and 30% 4Chan. Err-Text can also be used as a more subtle Dis-Emvoweler, in order to add common grammar and spelling errors to a text. As an example of the possibilities, here is an Orcish version of a NYTimes Editorial:

Before and After Text

Err-Text Interface

Full UI

The sliders at the top of the app determine which styles will be applied to the text. The further to the right you move a slider, the more that style will be applied to the text. You then place your original text in the textbox beneath the sliders; and hit the "Err it" button to generate your newly styled text.

There are a couple of utility features; the different styles are placed in Style-Groups, since many times you will want to apply multiple styles at once. For example, you might want to apply the "Misspell Words" style along with the "Drop Punctuation" and "Remove Spaces" style to generate the overall style of a very careless writer. By clicking on the name of a Style-Group you will get a default amount of each of the styles in the group. You can then use the arrow buttons to increase or decrease all the styles in that group.

Motivation/Tech Details/Source Code