The different combat schools/classes that PCs can choose from. Combat Schools

General School: Techniques available to every PC.

Traits: Mostly cosmetic upgrades to PCs.

Equipment: Various items that the PCs can carry. Includes weapons, potions, herb, instruments, etc.

Armorite School: A society of warrior-alchemist-technicians who utilize heavy armor and complex, experimental weapons and equipment. The front line warriors are trained in the operation and maintenance of the equipment, as well as in the strength training needed to lug the armor about the battlefield. As long as you are a member of the society, refills and replacement parts are free.

Brute School: Based off the Titus Pullo character from Rome. Can be picked up by most other classes.

Ice Worm School: An Adept class; in this case In this case the Spirit is an ice worm spirit that normally lives beneath the ice crust of a Europa-like moon. Characters who take the school often end up with a mild case of agoraphobia, a definite fear of heights, and a new appreciation of dark, cold, and wet places.

Revenant School: A person driven by loss and the desire for revenge. Often starts out with an Affliction or two from some terrible encounter with a Monster, or with a slain dog/kid/parent/mentor/significant other/village. While not supernaturally skilled, their burning drive to gain revenge on Monsters/Witches gives them strength in combat. It also makes them surprisingly difficult to kill for good.

Wind Friend School: Wind Friend Adept School.