A list of adventure modules. A module will have 2-4 Monster adventures, plus a final adventure against a Witch. All the adventures should have, very roughly, the same level of difficulty. WitchHammer - Modules

Module 1 - PowerLevel 0
The Deadly Rot Okse
The Murderous League
Hunters of Rot Elk
Secret of the Ghost Nauseating

Module 2 - PowerLevel 40
Beetle Locust and Beyond
The Mystery of the Villain
A Study in Rot Scorpion
Caracol Express
Knife Treason Hunter
The Lost Swamp Marsh

Module 3 - PowerLevel 60
The Curious Case of the Tamer
The Mystery of the Bog Toad
The War Against the Swamp Marsh
War of the Gelatinous

Module 4 - PowerLevel 80
Star Crossed! Star Crossed!!!
The Sign of the Treason Murder
The Murder Road
Murderous Greed: A Romance

Module 5 - PowerLevel 140
War with the Snap
Night: A Romance
The Murder
Buho Pale and Beyond
Hunters of Ghost
Deodand Patrol