WitchHammer is an an episodic fantasy-RPG about hunting down a monster-of-the-week and then facing the monster in tactical, deadly, and quick combat. Notable features include automated generation of monsters and adventures to make the GM's life easier, an innovative and fast combat system, and a gigantic Monster Manual for players to learn and enjoy.

Example Monsters (GM Version) 80% complete
Example Monsters (Player Version) 60% complete
Example Single Shot Adventures 20-50% complete
Example Modules 50% complete
Example Witches 50% complete
Game Mechanics 60% complete
Player Powers 30% complete
Character Sheet 50% complete
Lore 65% complete

Design Notes

License: Creative Commons Non-Commercial
(If you want to do something commercial with it, just msg me first. There's an 80% chance I will be fine with it.)