A number of creatures, generated from the 'Botein' version/seed. This is player version of the information, and includes only a sketch of the Monster's full powers and stats. Monster Index

Volume 1 Power Level
Karpashian Sun Crawfish0
Thessal Worm7
Nauseating Scorpion13
Akkadian Gloomlarva44
Vampiric Carcrow47
Azadian Bush Goat48
Seeing Eye Wormsore55
Thulian Rot Hund57
Warping Jamopus86
Cadaverous Necroscorp145
Volume 2 Power Level
Eastern Barrow Maggot-17
Nariscene Baublelin26
Idiran Vine Tiger29
Inescapable Withershell39
Valusian Peabauble40
Abysian Gelatinous Snail40
Chelgrian Seedswine47
Magnificent Southern Ursecay54
Estovokian Baublecock65
Acherite Frostaffe71
Volume 3 Power Level
Detestable Northern Witherblob13
Western Larvaorpse30
Lemurian Gobfire37
Zemblan Bushippo40
Elder Zhaibarian Babelly52
Snap Carcbeetle64
Royal Seeing Eye Necrobeetle83
Terrible Hyberborean Barrow Maggot111
Imperial Poisonous Wormorpse116
Cadaverous Necrodoll121
Volume 4 Power Level
Accursed Northern Rat7
Vanheim Ubungsflugzeug20
Thessal Shellelatin25
Beguiling Tigcaust27
Uqbarian Creepurse47
Ancient Uqbarian Ghost Spider57
Hunter Octoulp59
Vanheim Night Hound81
Hateful Akkadian Fuego Skilpadde81
Greater Scorching Charcraw122
Volume 5 Power Level
Bleeding Goat-7
Idiran Ectoworm34
Thulian Flodhest34
Western Witherspider49
Terrifying Phialcock62
Eastern Necrotle68
Abysian Horseberg75
Royal Zemblan Gloomkong77
Magnificent Zhaibarian Ratnight88
Valusian Flame Buho103
Volume 6 Power Level
Estovokian Hundlant14
Hyberborean Seargoat27
Seeing Eye Urseseed45
Azadian Larvagloom54
Nariscene Gloomilla63
Imperial Lemurian Gloomrat74
Ancient Chelgrian Pillarsore76
Terrible Southern Caraftiger79
Greater Karpashian Cryscock83
Elder Acherite Rammbock121
Volume 7 Power Level
Poisonous Cubeulp30
Southern Elephacier35
Uqbarian Larvacay42
Hyberborean Wolfchar43
Hateful Northern Gloomowl76
Idiran Orugo76
Akkadian Jamcraw91
Royal Thulian Necropillar96
Nariscene Spideressicate100
Terrifying Babgaunt123
Volume 8 Power Level
Damnable Valusian Marmashell17
Entropic Wormnight19
Zhaibarian Withergoat25
Estovokian Peagloom33
Maddening Jamcraw46
Vanheim Crocoumbra50
Abysian Snowl59
Misty Octosore88
Magnificent Eastern Beetleumbra104
Chelgrian Scorpcaust104
Volume 9 Power Level
Karpashian Rime Bull-2
Odious Horny Hippbush19
Minor Blink Ubungsflugzeug23
Thessal Spookrat25
Lemurian Baublecock30
Azadian Pengrime42
Zemblan Craworpse46
Western Ice Beetle76
Acherite Carclamb87
Terrifying Elephgaunt92
Volume 10 Power Level
Zhaibarian Ratfrost-3
Hyberborean Wormsoul3
Vanheim Ratoss9
Eastern Hippherb40
Idiran Pestiopus47
Imperial Thulian Rot Maggot52
Ancient Northern Penguin58
Lemurian Witherbeetle63
Horny Baubleswine76
Terrifying Witherboon77
Volume 11 Power Level
Young Zemblan Gobcay-6
Uqbarian Penguin0
Acherite Scorpsoul18
Estovokian Leongloom33
Valusian Hippnight36
Azadian Turacier41
Western Owlchar62
Hateful Karpashian Gloomworm76
Abysian Fire Iguana81
Greater Scorching Crawfire90
Volume 12 Power Level
Miserable Southern Goblin2
Thessal Scorpossifer10
Southern Peastal10
Nervous Carcworm16
Nariscene Shadow Maggot29
Climbing Carctoad33
Akkadian Skelatinous Rat38
Valusian Etherbeetle50
Terrible Chelgrian Cryscock52
Karpashian Crawelatin78
Volume 13 Power Level
Acherite Deodand8
Vanheim Pestihound23
Nariscene Baboon37
Uqbarian Ghost Spider39
Eastern Slime Crawfish40
Thulian Snoboon55
Elder Beguiling Phlogswine55
Horny Pengberg55
Lemurian Pengfrost65
Hunter Corrupcube66
Volume 14 Power Level
Zhaibarian Phialblob2
Thessal Barrow Elf8
Chelgrian Larvabauble25
Azadian Cubesore26
Idiran Bullseed26
Hyberborean Blazlarva34
Akkadian Crabossifer51
Northern Baubleboon54
Zemblan Swamp Crawfish69
Terrible Estovokian Glint Crab95
Volume 15 Power Level
Wretched Eastern Baublelin6
Hunter Crab21
Callow Thessal Kugel Blekksprut22
Lesser Seeing Eye Larvagaunt23
Northern Baublelion24
Akkadian Urserime27
Western Ectoswan44
Abysian Wormherb58
Azadian Gloombeetle59
Zemblan Bone Scorpion67